Kinesiology and Stress

Kinesiology and stressKinesiology and Stress.

Stress and how we cope with it will cause changes in our lives. Many things have the potential to affect our health and well-being. How well we handle things like injuries, job changes, relationship changes, financial changes, recreational changes, spiritual changes, eating habit changes and environmental changes will affect the amount of stress in our lives. Many other things can affect our stress levels like accidents, poor nutrition, and pollution and so on. The list is long.

In Kinesiology Recuperation terms, these "stressors" in our life can usually be overcome by testing specific systems in specific contexts. This results in a marked improvement of our emotional wellbeing. People are amazed that even after one or two visits to my kinesiology clinic they feel so much better, more alive, more able to cope, and best of all the feeling lasts.

How you can benefit after treatment? A Kinesiology Session can repair the physical, chemical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the person being treated. It has been shown that a Kinesiology Session recharges the person’s energy systems and helps restore good health and vitality.

Kinesiology Sessions have been used successfully to treat the following, and more: Postural Problems, Allergies, Digestive Disorders, Learning Difficulties ADHD, Learning Enhancements, Emotional Trauma, Nutritional Improvements, Physical Well-being and Life Enhancement, Pain, Sports injuries, Accidents.

The use of Kinesiology in relation to a person’s Life's Experiences is another element kinesiology has been used for. When we are born our learning experience continues. We learn from our parents, grandparents, school, friends, enemies, and so on and we become the result of all our experiences.

We are taught many things by our families, our friends, our teachers, about how life should be for us and how we should behave, think and feel.

These begin the foundation and formation of our own belief systems and some of this learnt become our belief systems and our mind continues to re-evaluate and refine these values.

Our genetic makeup and our belief systems will determine how we handle life's experiences for the rest of our life. Our brain learns and remembers our reactions to these experiences, and we often "replay" the reaction when we get into the same or a similar situation. We learn to run and hide during a thunderstorm, we learn to laugh at certain jokes that other people do not laugh at and so on.

If we use the same reaction often enough, it becomes easy to react without thinking in some situations. This pattern in our behaviour makes it increasingly difficult to think clearly about other alternatives and other choices we could make for ourselves. We react one way to events that frighten us and react another way to events that make us feel good.

Our sub-conscious brain, the part that remembers past events, may cause us to react in a particular way; emotionally, mentally and physically to certain situations. For example:  A knee or back injury may keep occurring. Why does it keep occurring? Various treatments work for a short time. Often these injuries get a label, which can often reinforce the "symptoms" and hence the "behaviour". We then "put up with it" because we believe (our belief systems) that this is how it will always be. Perhaps it is a relationship problem that appears to be unsolvable or never goes away. We "don't have the energy" or can't "move on" from situations that distress us.

We can't think clearly or make decisions easily; This is often a "flight or fight" situation in which three quarters of our brain power is shut down to logic but it still has 100% ability to "flight or fight". We aren't living to the best potential that we know we could or should be. Kinesiology Session can assist with the resolution of these situations and put you back on track to good health.

A person’s truth is usually with them. We can’t train them in their very own truth; only an individual can do this. This unresolved truth is often what is stopping a person from discovering their true way in life and being able to express their own truth?

These hurdles are often unknown by the conscious mind but by using methods and techniques outlined inside my Kinesiology Training Classes can we identify not just the systems of the restrictive patterns, but the context they seem to want to manifest in and also the values that they are trying to live out in this context. So what exactly is it we are assisting them with is for a person to return to stress reduced life by them participating in a kinesiology session.

Article by Val Walters

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